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If you've ever bought a pair of sexy men's underwear for your underwear drawer, you may have noticed that you're bombarded with ads from brands that you don't know or can't remember.

In today's world, we're saturated with male underwear lines that offer different types such as; men's pouch underwear (aka ball hammock underwear), male thongs, men's bikini underwear and even men's mesh underwear. Influencers and regular joe blows are looking to get rich quick or 15mins of fame. However, most disappear as quickly as they come.

Supawear has been designing undies and sportswear for guys since 2012. Over the past 10 years, Supawear has offered, sexy, fun and cheeky undies for men who want more than tighty whiteys.

Jason, the founder of Supawear, realised there needs to be a change in attitude toward men and their underwear. As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, Jason has supported the movement for same-sex marriages in Asia with a collab with Dear Straight People, as well as supporting events by Beyond Blue and Sunrise Cambodia.

“It's not about sexiness or being revealing but about self-expression and being comfortable in your own skin."

Supawear was created to fill a gap in the market for men's underwear. The company offers affordable, stylish options that are not boring. We needed some energy and optimism, especially since the world was still recovering from the great recession.

There weren't too many options for men wanting to look stylish and sexy without breaking the bank. Designed with the intent to flaunt men's bodies, it quickly found its' niche who were experiencing the same conundrum.

Supawear is now stocked in stores worldwide, including department stores, and is a fixture on major underwear subscriptions. 

“We're not a mass-produced brand. We focus on fits and understand the male body- focusing on what our customers care about."

Over time, Supawear's direction has evolved. "It's no longer just about providing what's missing in the market anymore - it's about really understanding our customers and what people want.

"We're looking to create fun pieces that are comfortable, and long-lasting, ultimately, reducing fast fashion & landfill waste."

Supawear developed its own unique pouch technology, XCURV, following the success of its big brother's (2EROS) CURV Technology pouch.

The 'XCURV underwear collection' is designed for extreme comfort and support, with a quick-dry, 4-way stretch material that keeps you feeling comfortable all day. Plus, it provides a pouch that boosts your package to the extreme. It comes in men's thong underwear, men's brief underwear and jockstrap. It's about being innovative and giving value to customers based on what they want.

Ten years on, and it's evident why Supawear has made it as far as it has. Each carefully curated piece from Supawear manages to find a good balance of sexy, fun and comfort. There is a growing trend among men for wanting more from their underwear. They want support, a slight boost, and to stand out from the crowd.

Essentially, Supawear empowers men to freely express themselves and to look good and feel good for it.