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Men's fabric choices and options can be quite daunting, there’s an overwhelming array of fabric types, combinations and blends; cotton is definitely not the standard anymore. Now, more than ever, you get more choice in what you wear and when you wear it. Different fabrics are best for different occasions. Like, you wouldn't wear a cotton t-shirt while working out? Unless you like the feeling of wet, sticky and heavy fabric draped across your body. Don't worry, below is our fabrics glossary to help you figure out which fabrics are best for everytime.
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Modal is naturally soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological. It is smooth, soft and breathes extremely well. Luxurious and cooling to the touch with same feel qualities as silk. It is also absorbent and less likely to shrink or fade.


Tactel is designed to be super soft and at least 20% lighter than most fibres. It features quick drying properties as well as boasting a high tensile strength.


Cotton is one of the most common natural fibres used due to its soft, comfortable and breathable qualities.


Bamboo or better known as Rayon features, high tensile strength and luxurious softness. It is most well known for its resistance to bacteria and allergen growth.


Polyester is an extremely durable fibre and despite being super thin, it has superb tensile strength and durability. It is known for its quick dry properties as well as maintaining shape and colour well.


A common fibre used in swimwear due to its low moisture absorbency properties as well as being lightweight, durable and resistance to damage.


Lightweight, superb elasticity, durable and resistant to moisture.


The highest grade of cotton, Supima cotton offers superior strength and durability. It is also softer and displays colours better.


Durable and flexible.