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Like most of us, we've had our fair share of 'bad' days. According to countless research and studies, working out and exercising is not only beneficial to your health but also affects your mood. However, what you wear underneath during a workout can seriously affect your enjoyment. It might surprise you that almost all men who lead active lifestyles suffer from some form of discomfort because they are not wearing the correct athletic or supportive underwear for their workouts. A good pair of athletic underwear can make all the difference.


Aim for athletic underwear designed with ‘vents’ also known as mesh fabrics. Mesh fabrics allow more air to flow through, keeping you nice and cool through your workouts. This reduces excessive sweating and ultimately the dreaded sweat rash. Plus, our athletic underwear fabrics are super lightweight and stretchy to ensure maximum flexibility and unrestricted.


Constant movement and friction can take a toll on your pouch. Our athletic underwear is designed to ergonomically support your pouch during your workouts. The CURV tech pouch lifts your pouch away from your skin, giving you support and reducing friction, chafing, and sweat rash. Additionally, our athletic underwear is made from a strong and durable fibre, so you can work out without worrying if you’re going to overstretch or damage your underwear.


Moisture causes friction that eventually leads to irritation and bacteria, which may also cause other health issues.


The last thing you need is to get distracted by something so simple, like your underwear, during your workout. Don't drown in loose fabric or feel constrained; not only will this cause friction, but it's also very unsupportive. Our athletic underwear is explicitly designed to support your assets without being restrictive. Let's face it, the more comfortable you feel, the better you're going to perform.