Launched in 2012 by the brainchild of 2EROS, Supawear is an Australian men’s underwear, beachwear and street wear brand that provides men with sexy, fun and valuable designs made to make you feel like a Supahero. Supawear prides itself for offering “Supa” quality, value and design.

Founder, Jason is a strong believer that fashion is not only limited to what you can see but also what is underneath. There are many layers to fashion, literally, from what you wear to how it makes you feel.

Since its launch, Supawear has provided men with designs that promote self-expression and confidence. Supawear prides itself on putting as much importance on underwear as it does on outerwear; this is what separates Supawear from the ordinary.

Each design is completely custom and original, from the colours of the fabric to the intricate paneling. Supawear focuses on quality and detailed workmanship with professionally sourced manufacturers and suppliers. 

Supawear designs are subject to extensive refinements to achieve perfection, from the selection of quality fabrics down to the finer details that most other brands neglect.

Supawear has gained a vast amount of experience from 2EROS, taking some of 2EROS’s technology such as the ‘CURV’ underwear pouch and made it into its own. Supawear’s underwear pouch is designed to offer the perfect amount of support and at the same time giving you that enhanced but natural lift. This is combined with Supawear’s fitted low-rise fit, which has been refined over the years to make it the most comfortable underwear and at the same time, accentuate all your assets.

Supawear’s potential has only begun and will continue to challenge and break boundaries of the ordinary with unique designs, proving it to be a major player in men’s fashion.