When should you get new underwear?

When should you get new underwear?

There is no rule to when you need to buy new underwear but there are guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maximise the use of your underwear and most importantly your health!

If your underwear does not fit the way it use to, (meaning it has stretched to a point of no return), get new underwear. Your underwear should make you feel supported. This will not only make you feel more confident but will also reduce chafing and the need for adjustments. Let's be honest, you won't feel so confident if you need to strip down and your underwear looks like it's just come out of the finale of Survivor. We suggest trying some memorable like our Sprint Collection

Not to get too personal here, but your underwear faces some of the harshest and smelliest conditions in your average day. This can lead to problems, such as sweat rash, UTIs and poor hygiene, so it's best to nip this in the butt (literally) as soon as possible. Wear your underwear only once a day, turning underwear inside out doesn't cut it! Bacteria and odour will multiply causing discomfort and skin conditions. Below are other things to consider.

Some Synthetics can harbour a particular type of smelly bacteria so underwear made from synthetic materials need to be replaced more often than say a cotton pair. Make sure all synthetic materials have sweat-wicking properties like all our performance underwear.

Another way to combat this is to either get natural fibre underwear such as Supawear’s Vortex Collection. Make sure you regularly smell test your underwear (as long as it's for science) and if it starts to smell its time to get new ones.

Have you ever heard the phrase underwear is like a fragrance? You wear the right one for the right occasion. It may seem a little daunting but it's quite simple. Check out our other blog on ‘Choosing the right type of underwear’.

It may seem extreme but we suggest replacing anything a year old. Think about it, conservatively, you wear each of pair of underwear, once every 2 weeks? For an average 12 hours a day, that’s about 312+ hours a year in some of the worst conditions imaginable! (Don’t imagine)

While you’re at it, try a new fit, or a new fabric, you might just find something that works better for you.

Over the past few years, a lot has happened in the underwear industry. From new fits and new fabrics, (if you have no idea what I’m talking about you, are missing out) and let's face it, the more underwear you have the better. The more underwear you have means the more evenly you can distribute the wear and therefore increase its life.


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