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I get asked this all the time 'Why should I spend $30 on a pair of men’s underwear when I can get cheap multipack underwear for half the price?'

Well, why go to a nice restaurant when you can just put something in the microwave, or why go on an adventure when you can just watch it on TV?

In my opinion, life is short, and we want the best out of it, including our underwear. While you don't show off your underwear (all the time), it helps to look & feel AMAZING in them because confidence is sexy. Plus, it directly affects your comfort level because it's the only layer between you and the rest of your clothes.

I'll run you through why investing in men’s underwear is better than cheap men’s underwear


When it comes to sexy underwear for men, high price doesn't necessarily equal high-quality undies, but cheap means cheap.

No surprise here; you get what you pay for. There is a reason why you can grab a pack of 5 undies for so cheap. They're not made to last for the long term. It will fray, fade, shrink and deteriorate much quicker than quality undies. This is because cheap undies are typically made of inferior blends, where the fibres and threads are shorter, weaker and lighter weight.

Like most articles of clothing, the fabric is super important. The different materials feels like night and day.

Both 2EROS & Supawear undies are made with both tighter and thinner thread, allowing them to feel incredibly soft and strong.


Cheap underwear doesn’t offer great pouch support. It’s usually flat or close to flat front pouch support. The long crotch then overcompensates for the lack of room for your package, which creates a sack look. Quality underwear constantly improves the fit of the pouch for greater support and comfort.

Both 2EROS and SUPAWEAR have developed two pouch support technologies called CURV tech pouch and XCURV pouch. Both are designed with a contoured gusset that supports and boosts your package without discomfort.


What's your day like? Are you planted at your desk 9-5, or are you up and about for most of the day? Regardless, you will need undies that support you and whatever you do. You want something that is not only comfortable but functional.

For performance and active days: Fabrics like tactel, nylon, polyester and microfibres are great when combined with features like sweat-wicking, quick dry or antibacterial properties.

For everyday comforts: Opt for Egyptian cotton, Modal and Polyamide

Low hypoallergenic fibre, you need to check out: Cotton, Modal and bamboo


Cheap underwear for men may cost less in the short term, but you'll need to replace them more often in the long run, due to poor workmanship and low-grade fabric quality.

Plus, as time goes on and your cheap undies lose their shape and softness, your comfort level will also diminish.

A well made & high grade fabric will not just last longer but it also reduces carbon footprint by reducing disposable fashion.

Good for you, good for your confidence and good for the environment.


Most of us often put ourselves last when it comes to splashing out. Let's change that, self-love! Invest in quality underwear to celebrate your body. I bet it will also make a difference in the bedroom. Whether you're a bouncing bachelor or in a relationship, it shows that you are willing to put effort into taking care of yourself and pleasing your partner.

So the moral is to simply always put quality and comfort first. Everyone benefits from it.