3 Benefits of polyester

3 Key Benefits of Polyester Underwear

Underwear comes in all different shapes, sizes, fabrics, treatments, I mean the list is endless! Different underwear are designed for different occasions. Like I mean, you wouldn't wear a cotton t-shirt while working out. Unless you like the feeling of wet, sticky and heavy fabric draped across your body. Bottom line is that underwear is an integral part of everyone’s (almost) wardrobe. We’re going to have a closer look at polyester underwear and why everyone needs at least a pair of this silky, smooth and cooling banana hammock.

1. Extremely durable with superb strength

The Sports Club Collection is designed using a polyester and elastane blend which is known for its resilience and tensile strength which makes it perfect for working out. 

2. Sweat wicking and Quick drying

Supa-thin and lightweight which not only draws moisture away from your body but also dries Supa-quick. The Turbo Collection takes this and adds mesh and premium Tactel to further enhance this.

3. Holds colour well

Polyester is the best fabric for all epic prints as it holds it colours the best. Check out The Cloud 9 Collection to see for yourself!

When to wear?

Great for every-day wear due to high tensile strength and lightweight construction. Also excellent for working out in and exercise as polyester have sweat wicking and quick dry properties to keep you dry and cool.

Bonus Tip: Polyester is very easy to wash and dry

Check out Supawear’s newest polyester underwear to hit out shores, Sea Man!


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